The Important Equipment for Growing Marijuana Indoors

When it comes to growing marijuana indoors, there are many important things to keep in mind. For instance, you need to know how to choose the ideal space for growing marijuana.

Also, it’s important to determine what equipment is needed for growing marijuana at home. There is a lot of items you can choose for growing weed out there. In this article, we will tell you the seven basic items you need to choose. Keep reading to learn about them.

Tent or Liner

As a grower, make sure that you have a tent that is as reflective as possible. This has the purpose of maximizing the output of your light. Also, you have to make sure that there is no outside light that is able to penetrate into the room or tent.

That’s why we recommend you to use a grow tent or a room liner. They are great choices for you to satisfy both of these requirements. These items may be made of canvas, black/white poly film, or Mylar.

Besides, these films offer a truly separate environment so you can keep bugs and mold out of your grow space.

Grow Light

In this post, we just only discuss growing weed indoors, so it’s important to opt a grow light to replace the sun. There is a wide range of different types of grow lights on the market today. However, we can’t say what product is the best.

In order to choose the right grow to light for your plants, you need to consider the dimensions of your space, your growing goals, your budget, as well as your power limitations. The fact is that nearly all lights can work such as HPS, LED, CMH, and DE.

Extraction Fan

It’s essential to get an extraction fan that can help to keep temps down as well as to offer your plants the fresh air so they can thrive.

Keep in mind that this item is not essential for growers who are growing their weed in a sealed room. However, you need an A/C and CO2 generator. Actually, they are more expensive.

Carbon Filter

When your plants come into their flowering phase, they begin to give off the pungent odor, if you are not the neighbors. Carbon filters are essential for you at that time.

Sure, you won’t want to choose a cheap carbon filter. It’s best to take a look at reputable brands on the market once you want to get this essential piece of equipment.


Another essential item in your garden’s ventilation system is ducting. If you have a smaller growing space, it’s best to consider flexible and insulated ducting since it can keep the heat from radiating into the grow space.

You should use 6 inches ducting at a minimum. In fact, larger diameter ducting is beneficial to larger growers.


Containers are essential for you to grow the plants in. You can use fabric pots, plastic pots, totes, buckets, or planter beds. The largest containers are the best choices for those who are growing in soil since they can fit in your grow area.

Filtered Water

The final item we want to mention here is filtered water. In fact, most city water is less than ideal for growing marijuana. It’s full of chlorine, contaminants, chloramine, as well as fluoride. It’s not essential to get an expensive filter.

If it’s hard to afford one, there are still two other options. First, you can fill a 5-gallon jug with RO water by going to the grocery store. Besides, you can get some air stones and bubble the water for 1 day at a minimum.


Cannabis is a special kind of plant. Most people don’t choose to grow it outside due to inclement weather conditions. Therefore, people want to make it an indoor thing as well as plant it in the greenhouse.

In this article, we have already given you the main seven equipment you need for growing marijuana indoors. Hopefully, they can help you a bit to be a professional cannabis farmer.

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