How to Dry a Mattress

The fact is that accidents can occur all the time. This also includes your mattress. Indeed, it’s not difficult to find spilled water on your mattress. Sometimes, it may get wet because of flooding.

The thing you need to do is to dry your mattress as soon as possible in order to avoid mold as well as mildew from forming inside your mattress. Of course, you won’t want to throw away your mattress simply due to a little damage from liquid, right?

Normally, your mattress should last from 5 to 7 years before deciding to replace it. Read this article to learn about some useful steps on how to dry a wet mattress.

How Damaged is the Mattress?

The first thing you need to do is to know the amount of damage that your mattress occurred. If it gets wet from a spill, you can handle it within a maximum of one day. However, it’s better to act earlier for better results.

If it has been wet for over one day, you will need to soak it in a flood with sewage water. You can also visit a professional restoration company in order to know exactly if they can help you to dry your mattress or not.

Absorb the Liquid

You will need a shop vac so as to suck the liquid out of the mattress once it gets heavy spills. Then, use dry towels in order to absorb the initial moisture. If you want, you can also use dry paper for this. Repeat this until you see the towels or papers don’t absorb liquid.

It’s best to use a lot of pressure because it can extract liquid from the inner layers. Otherwise, you will have to face growing mold here. Put heavy items on the towels for a few minutes to help achieve this.

Kill the Bacteria

If your mattress has been wet due to urine or another liquid type containing bacteria, it’s extremely important to prevent bacteria from the mattress. You can easily buy industrial strength urine removers from grocery stores.

You can consider using a natural remedy such as vinegar or hydrogen peroxide since they can work well. It’s best to let the liquid you choose for 5-10 minutes.

Apply a Moisture Absorbing Substance

You can use baking soda, salt, or kitty litter to suck most of the remaining moisture out of your mattress. If you want to deal with a mattress with more significant spills, you should consider using kitty litter. Remember to let them sit for about 12 hours before you proceed to the next step.

Vacuum up the Remaining Liquid

You need to use a wet shop vacuum to remove up the baking soda or kitty litter from your wet mattress. However, you shouldn’t use your regular household vacuum since it can be damaged by the moisture internally.

Prevent Mold from Forming

You can mix rubbing alcohol with water with the ratio 1:1. Prepare an absorbent towel. Then, soak it in the mixture. Wipe it over the entire affection area. It’s vital to repeat this several times for the best result.

Thanks to alcohol, you can prevent mattress mold, a musky smell, and mildew from developing. It can also help to speed up the drying phase.

For the better result, you can add a few drops of dish soap to the mixture. In this way, you can add a more pleasant smell to the mixture.

Rapid Drying with Maximum Air Circulation

Finally, you need to take the drying mattress outside. If the weather is great, set the mattress in the sun. If it’s a rainy day, you can leave your wet mattress inside with a dehumidifier, a larger fan, or a space heater.

It’s vital to encourage maximum exposure to air circulation. Your mattress should be placed on the ground standing up with the most affected areas.

It’s essential to dry out it for one day. Also, remember to move the mattress inside during the night in order to avoid further exposure from unexpected weather.


After you finish your drying process, remember to once more assess if the mattress is still worth keeping or not. Once you can’t remove a musky smell or other odor, it’s time to throw your mattress out since it’s not healthy to sleep on.

All of the steps we’ve mentioned above are essential for you. They help to salvage your water damaged mattress. At the same time, they can help you to save a lot of money.  

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