How to Clean a Mattress with Baking Soda

When it comes to cleaning a mattress, we can’t miss baking soda. It is known as a versatile cleaning agent. In fact, it can help to remove odors on your furniture effectively. You just simply need to sprinkle a bit of baking soda on your mattress.

Then, it can help to reduce any smells as well as keep it clean. First, you can begin to strip the mattress. Then, apply the baking soda. Once it has done the job, it’s time to vacuum up the baking soda so you can get a clean mattress.

Prepare the Bed

Remove the bedsheets

First, you need to strip the bed of any sheets, duvets, and blankets. Then, put your bedding in the washing machine. Remember to use detergent to clean them on the hottest water setting. In this way, you can make sure germs are killed.

After that, it’s time to dry mattress on the high heat setting to once more time ensure that they have no germs or bacteria on.  

Vacuum up any dirt, debris, and dust on the surface of the mattress

You will need to use the vacuum attached to the upholstery. The nozzle should be kept clean in order to avoid transferring any debris onto the mattress. You have to vacuum the seams, crevices, as well as folds in the mattress in order to remove any dirt and dust on the surface.

Besides, the sides of the mattress need to be vacuumed because these areas also come with dirt and dust.

Apply spot cleaner on any stains

You can use upholstery. If you want, you can also make yourself. In fact, you just simply need to make a mixture of 1 teaspoon of detergent and one cup of water. Then, apply this solution to any stains in the mattress. Also, don’t forget to use a wet cloth to dab the area.

Apply the Baking Soda

Sprinkle 1-3 cups of baking soda on the mattress

You need to provide a liberal dusting of baking soda to your mattress, especially you feel a strong smell in it. Use a layer of baking soda in order to cover the entire surface of your mattress. If needed, you may have to sprinkle more baking soda on the mattress, especially when it is a particular area with a strong smell.

Put the mattress in direct sunlight

You should keep the mattress near the window to let it get direct sunlight. Then, you can get a better result because this allows the baking soda to work more effectively.

If you want, you can also place your mattress outside in direct sunlight. It’s important for you to follow the weather forecast to make sure there is no rain. Otherwise, the mattress can get wet overnight.

Let the baking soda sit for 2 days

You need to give the baking soda time so it can do its job effectively. Remember to keep others away from the bed so as not to disturb it.

Vacuum up the Baking Soda

Use the upholstery attachment

The upholstery attachment is a powerful attachment. It is powerful enough to remove the baking soda. With it, you also needn’t worry about damaging the surface of the mattress. If you want, you can also consider using a handheld vacuum that is designed with a smaller attachment head.

Use the vacuum to remove the baking soda

It’s important to vacuum over the seams as well as crevices in the mattress. This helps to remove all the baking soda.

Flip the mattress over and repeat the process

If you already did for the top of your mattress, you also need to flip it upside-down. Then, repeat the cleaning process for the other side. Don’t forget to sprinkle more 1-3 cups of baking soda. Also, it’s essential to keep it directly in the sun for 24 hours. Last, remember to vacuum all the baking soda once finished your cleaning completely.


We have just told you the way to clean your mattress with baking soda. You just need to follow these tips. Then, cleaning your mattress will become actually pretty simple. Now that you know how to use baking soda to keep your mattress clean, right? Hopefully, our tips today can help you enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep.

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