Best Led Grow Lights for Flower

If you are facing problems with insufficient daylight for the desired plant growth, you will need to think about using the best led grow light for indoor plants.

This writing is to help you to choose the best solution for this situation. The product you can choose depends on some facts.

Keep reading this post to get more info about the best led grows lights for flowers on the market these days.

Top 10 Led Grow Lights on the Market 2019  

There is a wide range of choices when it comes to the best led grow lights on the market today. Let’s keep reading this article to learn about the full reviews of them. Also, let us see you the buying guide so that you can make your buying decision with ease.

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W Led Grow Light

This is a good choice for beginners or middle indoor gardeners. It promises to address your issues. You can use this unit for all the stage of a growing operation due to 12 bands of light spectrum operated.

So it’s not essential to keep your seeds outside conditions. You can also replace this light by a 250-watt HPS light. But, it still consumes 136 watts of energy.

Because this option produces less heat when compared to others, it’s not essential to use additional fans when you want to cool down your grow tent.

Plus, this product offers you 3 years warranty. If you feel disappointed with the light, you can return it within 30 days.

GalaxyHydro Led Grow Light 300W

This light operates in 9 bands. Moreover, it can be able to ensure natural photosynthesis. There are 100 leds total with 3 watts each found in this grow light. So you can get direct light and deeper coverage from the 90-degree lenses. At the same time, you will get a more extensive beam from the 120-degree lenses.

This unit is designed with a built-in Zener protection. There is also no effect on the remains of your bulbs. So, the entire lighting system won’t shut down due to one bulb.

This system is available in 2 low noise cooling fans. They help to keep cool your light even when you let it work for 20 hours per day.

This brand offers you 2 years warranty. And, you can get 30 days money back guarantee.

MarsHydro 300W Led Grow Light Review

This is one of the best choices for veg and flower. It can help you to save money in operating expenses. Despite the low price, this model features an equivalent result to some expensive competitors.

This model ensures to give full spectrum light for all growth stages. It is able to reduce faulty rate. Also, it can give you excellent buying experiences. Before packaging, this unit is tested for 48 hours.

This led grow light is an energy efficient light. It only consumes 132 watts. This light is easy to assemble. Also, it’s not difficult to turn on and turn off. Because it comes with an auto clock, you can easily control when needed.

The model will offer you 12 months warranty. Moreover, you will get 30 days money back guarantee.

King Plus 1000W Led Plant Grow Light

As an indoor gardener, you will want to look for a led plant light that can offer all of the spectrum according to your plant needs. Then, it’s time to take a look at the King Plus 1000W Led Plant Grow Light.

This model can be able to cover the entire spectrum of colors that include blue, red, yellow, white, IR, and UV rays. That’s why this model is perfect for all growth stages. So, you can try out this model if you want to get low-cost best-LED lights for growing weed.

For veg and flower, it’s not essential to concern about the massive electric bill. Actually, this model is energy efficient. In fact, it only consumes 180 watts. It can help to reduce the electricity bill up to 82%.

Additionally, this system comes with 10W Double Chips scientifically engineered LEDs. So, it can be brighter and efficient light compared to traditional 3W LEDs.

As you know, the traditional light makes a lot of heat. As a result, you have to cost for an expensive cooling system if you want to control the temperature inside grow room or tent. This product actually generates up to 90% less heat.

This light system will offer you 3 years warranty. Also, it provides you with 30 days money back guarantee.

BESTVA 600W LED Grow Light

If you are looking for the best led grow lights for all stages of plant growth, this light system is just for you. It is designed with full spectrum LEDs. This is actually a good option for flower, cannabis, vegetables, tomato, lettuce, and etc.

When compared to 250 HPS, this light system only consumes 125W of energy. It comes with a cooling system including an aluminium panel.

This unit is tested for 24 hours before packaging. Plus, it will give you 3 years warranty in addition to 30 days money back.

Apollo Horticulture LED Grow Light 180W

If you want to get an affordable lighting system, you can try out this system. It comes with 6 different bands. That’s why this option is suitable for all stages of growth, including seedling, clones, vegetative, as well as flowering.

You can choose this light for small scale grows. With this growing light, you needn’t get any additional cooling system or independent exhaust fan.

This unit is energy efficient. Actually, it only consumes 109 watts of power. Plus, this option will provide you with 24 months limited warranty.

ColoFocus 600W LED Grow Light

This lighting system comes with full spectrum with the same color ratio to the sunlight. It includes blue, red, white, yellow, UV, and IR.

It can be able to not only sterilize growth but also kill bacteria thanks to ultraviolet. It has the ability to produce plenty of healthy flowers. So you can choose this led grow light for flower, cannabis, lettuce, vegetables, tomato, and etc.

This grow light is suitable for indoor garden, sowing, greenhouse, flower exhibition, breeding, pipeline cultivation, pot culture, and so on.

It is designed with 10W Double Chips LEDs that are much brighter and productive when compared to 3W and 5W LEDs. In fact, it only consumes from 110 to 120w of energy.

Additionally, this lighting system comes with two cooling fans. They can help to protect overheat. Also, they can help light work longer.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 300W Review

It’s one of the best options for any grower. It’s a great combination of 12 different bands complete spectrum. That’s why it’s perfect for plant growth. You can replace a tradition 400w HPS grow light by this lighting system while it only consumes 180 watts of power.

This option comes with a 90-degree secondary focusing lens. Also, there are two switches designed in this grow light. The flip of switches allows you to change the light spectrum according to the growth stage of your plants.

This system comes with modern aluminium cooling heat sinks. Plus, you will get 5 years warranty in addition to the exclusive 90 days satisfaction guarantee.

BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light

You will get much brighter and efficient light from the 10w chips when coming to the Bestva 1000W Led grow light. Full spectrum led grow lights work well on plants at all stages of growth. And, it’s not essential to change your lighting system during the plant growth.

It is designed with the modern cooling fan system in order to keep the light cool and quiet. Moreover, this system ensures to keep the balance with high Lumen as well as suitable coverage.

This unit offers customers 3 years warranty in addition to 30 days return and money back.

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light

This one is known for reflector design. It comes with an optimal full spectrum layout. So, it’s great for your flower, vegetable, and fruit garden. This brand has been popular on the market over many years.

This lighting system promises to give the balance with high Lumen and quality Coverage. Moreover, it can help to save electrical costs. Also, it can ensure greater lifespan. This option only consumes 269 watts of power.

Because of high-speed cooling fans as well as modern aluminium heat sinks, it ensures to offer less heat. That’s why you can save on cooling equipment as well.

Plus, the manufacturer will provide you with 3 years warranty as well as 30 days return guarantee.

Things to Look For When Buying Best Led Grow Lights

There are some important things to consider when choosing the best led grow lights. Let’s take a look at them below:

Area to cover

In order to determine the size as well as the number of the led light unit you need to have, it’s essential to pay attention to the size of your grow space. When it comes to flowering high-light plant, you need to have 32 watts. And, you will need 11-18 watts for low light plants per square foot.

Compact and easy to install

We should look for lights with a very compact structure so that you can easily handle. They don’t require you to have any specific knowledge to install them.

Phases of the plant growth

For different growth stage, we will need different kinds of wavelengths. In order to grow your plant from seedling to bloom, you need to get a full-spectrum led grow light. And, blue and red spectrum are perfect choices for those with germinated plants in an open-air environment.

Cooling system

If you choose a led plant to grow light without any cooling fan or heatsinks, the light output, as well as its longevity, may be affected.

Variety and control

You should look for ones that adjustable wavelengths. It means you can adjust the wavelengths with ease. Also, you can choose the modes for the blooming phase and vegetative.

How to Know If Your Plants Get enough Light or Not

Actually, this depends on what strain you’re growing. In fact, there are different light requirements when it comes to different strains. That’s why you need to pick a train first. Next, you can begin looking at grow lights.

You can get plenty of info about the size of the growing area the lights can cover from a reputable manufacturer. Also, they can let you know the height and PAR values.


Now, we’ve just given you the best-led plant light reviews. Also, we’ve already discussed different options for indoor plants. They are budget-friendly choices on the market now. Of course, they can help you to make your buying decision depending on your requirements. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our buying guide today. Good luck and happy shopping!

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