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Tue, 25 November 2014 15:23:08

BuddyList is an amazing social media platform that maintains the anonymity of the users and allows all the features that any other social media site would provide

BuddyList is a social media platform that is growing by the day and has seen a lot of people become a part of it recently.

With an exponential rise in popularity and the vast number of people showing interest in this unique social media site, there is no doubt that it can become the next big social media platform and take over all other platforms by a storm.

The most amazing thing about BuddyList is the fact that it keeps the data of the users anonymous and hence it is complete safe and secure. The site does not collect private and personal data about users and can be accredited to being the most safe online social media site available. The users are always safe and know that they are not being traced or exploited in any way.

BuddyList is a perfect alternate to Facebook and Twitter and is surely the next big thing. It allows the users to play several games on its portal, choose from a wide range of options and remain interacted throughout without getting bored. There are all kinds of games for all kinds of people so everyone will stay interested throughout.

BuddyList also allows people to share their pictures, upload videos and share information with friends and others on the social media. It also lets people video chat on the platform, to communicate effectively and provides a medium for people to connect with each other freely.

One can write blogs and post on the platform, market themselves and make new friends from all over the world. The platform also has a meme generator which adds up spice to the site and lets users create fun memes to have a good time.

BuddyList is a great social media site that has a lot to offer and that too without compromising the identity of the user.


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