Fri, 14 December 2018
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Mon, 30 March 2015 19:03:57

SmG Music Builds Momentum with Kickstarter Success, New Partnerships

Joins with Peace Over Violence, DetermiNation Media Group; Champions Social Justice with Artistic Expression; Major Donors.

SEATTLE, WA, - A.S.H.E.S the CHOSEN SmG Music and Green Eyed Media announced today that their Kickstarter campaign to back a documentary film about A.S.H.E.S THE CHOSEN’s song "Tears In Your Eyes” has succeeded, even attaining an extra “stretch” goal.  Numerous high profile people contributed.  In addition, A.S.H.E.S the CHOSEN & SmG Music announced that they have entered into partnerships with Peace Over Violence, which is dedicated to empowering high school aged youth from underserved communities around greater Los Angeles, and DetermiNation Media Group, to support young men in the form of mentorship to help advance their own life goals.

“We are thrilled to be making this kind of progress in our role of champions of social justice through artistic expression, and in particular Hip Hop,” said Lucy Hakobyan of SmG Music. “To be acknowledged through the generosity of such accomplished people and be able to partner with trail-blazing organizations is a powerful validation of our mission.”

High-profile donors and contributors to the project include Catherine Carlton, the Mayor of Menlo Park, California, Charlie Isaacs, Chief Technology Officer at, Owner of Stampede Music Publishing Evan Eneman, Strategic Executive and Chief Financial Officer for 5.11 Tactical Brenda Morris, as well as Joni & Alan Sharrah, two World Champion martial artists and co-owners of USA Karate Academy in Seattle, WA.

Other notable backers include award-winning actor and activist, Danny Glover and Valerie Coleman Morris, the CBS Network Radio and CNN Correspondent.

United Roots, in partnership with Urban Peace Movement, launched the DetermiNation youth program in 2012. In Spring 2013 DetermiNation began a collaboration with the Boys & Men of Color Alliance, part of The California Endowment’s “All of our Sons & Brothers” Health Happens Here campaign. DetermiNation program is becoming a youth-led media hub for the Boys & Men of Color Alliance, and the training program is designed to support the success and development of young men of color.

The SmG Music and Green Eyed Media mini-documentary will be part of the Boys and Men of Color media engagement program (a statewide initiative led by The California Endowment) that empowers marginalized youth in socially innovative ways.  United Roots offers a variety of classes, training programs and support groups.  For more information, please send an email to or join us on Twitter and Facebook


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