Fri, 16 November 2018
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Tue, 05 August 2014 21:47:15

When Technologists Collaborate, Amazing Innovation Happens

Technology and innovation will be the backbone of Architecture, Engineering and Construction organizational future readiness, as corporate navigation becomes increasingly more complex and volatile.

Minneapolis, – ILS brings together the top technology leaders in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction to drive innovation and transformation.  The AEC tech game is now focused on the technological ideas that can be leveraged for increased productivity and profitability, while responsibly managing and optimizing risk.  Key Leaders of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry, Dave Nietz, CIO of CDM Smith; Julius Chepey, CIO of API Group, Inc;  Dave Anderson, CIO of CM2H Hill; and Mark Bryant, CIO of PCL joined to explore the escalation of innovation and transformation in the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors through the Innovation Leadership Summit.   The first vendor agnostic group of its kind dedicated to AEC, the ILS Advisory Board committed to serving as the think tank and driver of innovation in architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

Breaking down the barriers to innovation is a long, but rewarding process.  Rogue IT, security issues, changing governance models, technology that crosses system divides, communication and workflow issues, Anytime anywhere business/workflow needs, and outdated schema databases continue to challenge the top CIOs focus on innovation.

The focus of the ILS leaders is to identify technology that improves the ability inside AEC to add innovation and disruptive technology into our technology roadmaps that improve growth, profitability, and safety, while embracing risks that lead to opportunity.  Dave Nietz explains, “There has to be collaboration in your organization. Focus the creative energy on what matters most...  Articulate that vision.”

Nietz, Chepey, Anderson and Bryant worked with ILS organizers Cal Munkvold and Dr. Kimberly Bonniksen to finalize the ILS Mission:  To Streamline and Optimize the AEC project lifecycle, creating the ""vision"" for the job site of the future.  Chepey explained, "Our strategic goal is to help the organization innovate faster.  Our work with ILS is to craft a preferred future state of the business, by examining data pre and post innovation and transformation.”  Added Bryant, "Our work together is to understand what’s coming up before it hits us.  We need better insights, and better foresight so we can get ahead of the curve and deliver the "wow value".

Only through collaboration and focusing technology intelligence to serve the business agenda, can innovation and transformation occur according to Anderson, “Techology's purpose is to enable business.  As CIO's our job is to implement technologies that move the business forward.”

A recent survey revealed that 3 out of 4 CEOs plan to make innovation a greater priority this year. For these leaders, innovation doesn’t only mean quickly creating new products or services, it also means taking costs out of processes and aligning leadership, capabilities, processes, technology, and organizational structures to foster a more innovative organization and culture.

Today, for our globally connected digital economy, information and communications technologies define business success. Still, the latest research shows only 7% of the IT budget is spent on innovation.

Despite clear evidence that IT savvy firms are more profitable than their competitors by a competition-crushing 20%, CIO execs still report significant pushback as they attempt to contribute to strategic business planning for their organizations.  “We affectionately, refer to this as the CIO Catch-22,” comments Cal Munkvold, CEO of LifeCycle Technologies and cofounder of ILS.

The Innovation Leadership Summit (ILS) is an exclusive, invitation-only membership for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. The objective of the summit is to engage these innovators at the intersection between business and technology for the express purpose of removing the functional barriers, to innovate now and transform for the future.

Only a select number of the most promising CIOs in the industry have been invited to participate in the leadership forum as industry research confirms that a very small percentage of Chief Information Officers worldwide would qualify as innovative business thinkers.

As Chepey concludes:  “Either you innovate and change or get left behind.”

The summit meetings therefore aim to empower members with the latest research, information, strategic options, and innovation trends impacting business transformation in organizations so that summit members may effectively shift from Chief Information leaders to Chief Innovation Officers. This shift allows and arms CIOs to promote the technologically strategic business advantages and propel advanced initiatives throughout their organizations.

More information about the CIO Innovation Leadership Summit is available at our website


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