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Richard Hodgekins has announced today "Due to overwhelming demand for my help, and for the effectiveness of the help that I give, I have decided to retire from music to now focus on my role as a private love and life guide"

"What began as a lonely almost suicidal man, with a pen, paper, a piano and the internet, back in 2007, has been the most incredible journey of self healing and finding my soul mate." Hodgekins explained "Then going onto help millions of people with their life journey has been the main thing for me overall. I am glad in the end the music will stand as a document of this journey."

Richard Hodgekins' story is unique in that he truly is the worlds first real "Internet" music super star. He never did it for the fame or the celebrity and he became infamous in the music industry for turning his back on two of the worlds biggest record labels.

"I only wrote music to heal myself and in turn to help others. Once I stumbled upon the method that changed my life and brought me my soul mate, I was done. I knew I had the holy grail. Then it became 100% about helping other people with my method, whether it's to help them to live their dream life or whether its helping them to find their soul mate, I have found that getting real results for people is much better when I'm working one on one with them as their personal love or life guide than it is me trying to help guide the way through millions of people listening to my music"

This will come as sad news to his diehard music fans who are widely regarded as being the largest known fan base of a truly grass roots independent artist on the internet.

Rising to independent fame began in 2007 when the then "suicidal" artist began documenting the making of his albums "Where do we go from here? UP" (released Dec 2011 © HodgekinsMagic) and "Portrait Of Time" (unreleased) online in his blog "The Portrait Diaries".

Almost overnight a fan group created on the then popular site myspace, rose to become the most followed group in the world with over 100,000 followers, this was the turning point which saw him then top the myspace music chart in the Soulful/Romantic/Songwriter niches for over 2 straight years.

However this was just the beginning. With BBC airplay the fan base grew even more rabid as he consecutively shot to number 1 on the youtube music charts with songs like "Everlasting rose", "Run with the river" and "For you" bringing his downloads to over 4 million. "Everlasting rose" his beautiful ballad written about finding his soul mate has seen over 2 million views alone.

Richard adds "It was at this point that the fork in the road began. I could either sign with one of these two giant worldwide record companies and be a star or I could start answering the thousands of private emails I was receiving from people about my method asking me to help them find their soul mate or help turn their life around. I chose the latter."

Over the last two years he has been perfecting his unique method which originally helped millions of people and has now set up his private coaching practice called "The Answer To Life Coaching" which specializes in helping people to achieve their dream life or in helping people to find their soul mate with this unique method. He does this through his website

The concern of fans who fear that the internets best songwriter has been taken from them fear not, they may someday get what they want - his legendary unreleased work.

Famous for having thousands unreleased songs and commonly refereed to as the Lennon, Dylan, Gandhi hybrid of the internet age, his rabid fan base is much like that of Jandek or Daniel Johnson meaning that his followers are looked after on the inside, communicated to through email and have been encouraged away from social media sites since 2012.

Between 2005 and 2007 Richard created what is seen as his magnum opus masterpiece the "Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light" - trilogy which documents exactly how he turned his life around. This trilogy comprises of three individual albums "Beginning Of The End" (2005, unreleased) ,  "Soldier and the Rose" (2006, unreleased) and "Portrait Of Time" (2007, unreleased).

Hodgekins says "If and when the time is right I do not see a reason why the trilogy could not be released, but that work is so dark at times that it kind of scares me to go back to it to prepare it for release, I need to be fully convinced that it can help people"

For some this will mark the end of the first round of the internet generation but for Richard Hodgekins moving forward as a love and life guide is only seen as positive.

"There is nothing better for me than helping someone to turn their life around and seeing them begin to really live the life that they dream of. I love helping people to find their soul mate too, once I had helped one person it snowballed and I knew that my method highly effective. Now after helping so many, I could not imagine doing anything better than to help other people achieve the things that they want in life"

For more information on Richard Hodgekins' private love and life coaching please visit "The Answer To Life Coaching" here:


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