Fri, 16 November 2018
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Mon, 12 February 2018 01:24:11

New Colours 'Ash' and 'Silver' added to the Dino Decking Product Range

Top composite decking company, Dino Decking, reveal new length and colour options

London, UK - Dino Decking , a provider of numerous composite decking products and solutions have released new composite decking to its already wide portfolio. Composite decking is now available in lengths of 4m and new colours are available, including ash and silver. The growing decking company has seen its customer base growing as its service has, with many customers across the UK using them for their decking needs.

Dino Decking is recognised for its composite decking boards as they have been carefully designed to have the staying power that consumers crave. Durable boards which are low-maintenance and cost-efficient make them a popular choice for many. A huge advantage of Dino Decking is their consideration for the environment as all decking is environmentally friendly, made from 55% recycled wood, 40% recycled HDPE and 5% additives.

With an already generous portfolio of decking options, Dino Decking has been adding more and more variations. The range of colours already include amber, cedar, graphite, mocha, savanna and slate. These have proven to be the most popular colours for consumers to quickly and efficiently install decking that meets their desired décor. The new colours ash and silver add even more choice and style so whatever patio, garden or area that needs decking, it’s sure to look good.

To ensure that the new composite decking options are in line with the others, they are all created the exact same way. That includes two sided textures, an invisible fastening system and benefits from anti-face, anti-splinter, anti-slip and anti-mould solutions, to give the decking that long-lasting staying power. They also come with the Dino Decking 15 years residential warranty and 10 years commercial warranty options.

Not to be outdone by its introduction of new colours, Dino Decking also now sell its composite decking in lengths of 4m. Previous lengths available were 2.2m but now they are available in almost double the length. This means it’s easy for customers to purchase composite decking for larger areas, with less butt joints, producing a more seamless finish. Composite decking can be easily cut to size so with a mixture of 4m and 2.2m lengths, any decking plans can be completed. Purchasing is also easy with the Dino Decking website featuring an easy-to-use online calculator. By selecting the composite decking type, length and number of boards, the full price will be revealed in an instant.

Dino Decking’s composite decking requires very little maintenance and can go as far to boast that even no maintenance is required. This is due to the anti-rot and anti-fade qualities that are inbuilt into each board. That, combined with the 15 year warranty, means any decking purchased from Dino Decking is sure to last and is covered by a helpful support team that will iron out any issues that may arise.


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