Sat, 24 February 2018
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Sun, 06 August 2017 16:53:35

Footgolf A Key Factor In The Future Of Golf

Footgolfers starting to give golf a try - boosting golf participation numbers

Due to its more relaxed dress code and rules, Footgolf is often viewed as the acceptable face of golf for the younger generation, and a competitor to traditional golfing.

Footgolf is popular as it is seen as fun and the rules are easily understood. This, coupled with the fact that there is a more relaxed dress code and players are encouraged to take photos on the course and share their experience, for example, means that it is seen as a sport for the younger generation.

Unfortunately, over time golf has become seen as ‘fuddy duddy’ and time-consuming to play, as well as having too many rules and regulations, such as the strict dress codes. This old-fashioned image along with the perception that it is expensive to take up has put up a barrier and discouraged the younger generation from approaching clubs to try the game. But, anyone who has played golf knows that it is a great sport which everyone can enjoy. It is a game that should be encouraged and promoted to all demographics. Along with Footgolf, it is a game that all the family can play, it gives the opportunity to spend time outside ensuring healthy exercise and it is fun. It is also a game that has a broad appeal – it can be challenging, sociable, potentially competitive and mixed abilities can play the game together.

Online portal Footgolf Frenzy which is fast establishing itself as the go-to resource for finding and booking the best Footgolf courses in the UK and Ireland is determined to help end this sporting divide and grow golf participation, with the launch of a new tee time booking system where they hope to encourage cross-pollination between these two distinctive and similar sports.

Golf tee time functionality can now be added to Footgolf course pages with the use of a unique, separate tab which highlights attributes of individual courses who sign up to the booking system.

With Footgolf being played at golf courses Footgolf Frenzy had noticed that younger players were seeing golf being played and were interested in trying the sport. It was felt that this new and emerging market which was sampling golf could revitalise the sport with younger blood. However, to fully capitalise on this new opportunity, courses had to adapt and be accommodating and understanding of modern attitudes to the sport.

“Footgolf shouldn’t be seen as a competitor or an alternative to golf,” says Sarah Griffiths of Footgolf Frenzy. “We truly feel that Footgolf can help encourage golfing participation, especially to the informal golfer, and we want to promote golf in all its forms to interested parties.”

And the proof is out there. Footgolf Frenzy has been working closely with The Notleys Golf Club in Essex over the past year to grow their footgolfer and golfer footfall at the club. Through the booking systems that they employ for both Footgolf and golf and through our online marketing services, they have been able to generate over 100 additional, regular golf customers for the club. Importantly, the demographics of these customers have mainly fallen into the 18-34 age category and they have been able to grow brand recognition, reputation and loyalty – ensuring that these aren’t just one-time bookers, but customers who will book again.

David Bugg, Director at The Notleys Golf Club and PGA Pro said; “Footgolf Frenzy is working to grow both Footgolf and Golf in a positive, organised and an inclusive way for all – ensuring that everyone is given the opportunity to take part when and how they want. They are working for the good of the industry in growing both interest and participation.”

“The ability to generate 100 additional golfers for The Notleys has proven that the market for Footgolf is continuing to grow and that golf participation can be sold as an additional product to footgolfers. Also, many of the golf users are seeing the Footgolf course and bringing family along for a fun game. We have increased revenue from our regular players. In the beginning we worked together with Footgolf Frenzy to review our golf offering and we encouraged interested parties to try 9-hole golf for a quicker round and we also relaxed dress regulations to encourage people to give the sport a try. Working with Footgolf Frenzy has ensured a successful year for us and brought many welcome new faces to our club.”

“Footgolf Frenzy is a key strategic partner for us. We are working with them on our new website which will feature their booking engines and we have many joint marketing promotions in the pipeline. Footgolf Frenzy achieve results and we look forward to continuing to work with them.”

With some clever cooperation and understanding, there’s no reason why golf clubs can’t harness the power of Footgolf Frenzy’s resources to help bring additional customers – and revenue – into their clubs, whilst boosting their membership and appealing to a whole new audience.

Further marketing plans at Footgolf Frenzy are still in the works, especially spreading the word about both sports and encouraging a new generation to take up the golfing mantle.

Find out more about Footgolf at


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