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Fri, 13 December 2013 19:27:46

More good news about exercise and breast cancer

Here's a good reason to go for a short walk or run today: While prior research has already found that regular exercise can reduce breast cancer risk by about 25 percent, a new study suggests that those numbers are even greater than previously thought. Even small amounts of regular exercise, such as regularly going on short runs or walks, potentially lowered a woman's risk of dying from breast cancer by more than 40 percent, findings showed. Researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National La..


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Fri, 13 December 2013 00:25:52 Puts Local Organic Goods on the Global Map

For producers of organic goods, common commercial challenges revolve around a lack of resources to effectively market their goods to local, targeted consumers at scale. The limeylight platform and map resolves this issue for producers by bringing together the power of these three key elements (health-seeking consumers, location relevance, massive online reach) to tip the fight for market share back in their favor. Consumer demand for organic products and a preference to source locally produced ..


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Fri, 06 December 2013 17:30:22

Food tastes better when we think it's organic

People find food tastes better when they think it is organic, a new study finds. Researchers from University of Gävle in Sweden offered 44 participants two identical cups of coffee, telling them one was organic. When asked which one tasted better, most of the subjects pointed to the supposedly organic version. "An increasingly large number of products are marked with morally loaded labels such as fair-trade and organically produced - labels associated with social or environmental res..


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Fri, 22 November 2013 15:22:51

U.S. Soldier Credits Survival to "Smart Drugs" Use

In a letter to the editors of, an American soldier by the code name of AJ Smith revealed how he survived a rebel attack with the help of "Smart Drugs". Hi guys,  I’d like to share with you how I survived during battle a Southeast Asian country (I won’t drop names for safety).  I saw some good reviews about some nootropics (Smart drugs) online saying that it increases reaction speed and cognitive performance.  I thought I needed the edge in the battlefi..


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