Fri, 16 November 2018
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Sat, 06 July 2013 15:30:11

Canadian Dad Takes Up -Dead End- Jobs to Free Time for Launching Writing Career

While many simply dream of ditching their careers to focus on their hobbies, Canada’s Grant T. Reed is one of the few to follow through the process and gamble it all. As a man who would much rather be fishing and enjoying life than working his youth away in the business and I.T. sector, Reed’s decision to instead work -dead end- jobs has allowed him to fuel his biggest passion, writing. In fact, with so much more time on his hands, Reed is working diligently to formally launch his w..


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Sat, 06 July 2013 00:18:10

Amazing Pet Expos Celebrates 50th Expo, Held in Anchorage, AK

On Saturday, July 15, Amazing Pet Expos (APE) produced its 50th pet expo, held in Anchorage, AK. The largest producer of pet events in the United States, APE has held such events from San Francisco to New York, Chicago to San Antonio, and other cities across America. Having produced 50 consecutive pet expos since 2009, Amazing Pet Expos knows exactly what it takes to create a safe, pet-friendly event. The challenges are conquered regularly by a team of individuals who plan and produce each even..


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Sat, 06 July 2013 00:07:05

Model Turned Designer Launches Unique, Conscious Fashion Line on Exclusive New Site

Current products available include a variety of striking women’s and men’s shirts featuring the work of renowned local designers. Anna Gordon Sacred Fashion will be launching a casual and high fashion line for women later this year followed by a casual male line in early 2014. Several local Asheville retailers, including La Magia and Nouveau Moda, have already expressed enthusiasm for Anna Gordon’s existing and upcoming products and will be carrying her Sacred Fashion lines in ..


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Wed, 03 July 2013 18:13:39

Stainless Steel Australia - Having Many Bench Mounted Shelves and Triple Sink Bench

Stainless Steel Australia If you love to cook, as I do, then you know that you can never have enough stainless steel bench tops to cook in. You can make any of your favorite dishes if you use the right pots and pans. Does having the proper pan change how your food comes out? Actually it really does matter if you are not using the right types of pans; your foods flavors sometimes does come from the pan that you use and how the juices stay in the food being prepared. Bench Mounted Shelves You w..


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