Tue, 21 August 2018
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Thu, 09 January 2014 19:29:30

Maximize Function with a Versatile Kitchen Island That Has Counter Space, Storage, and Seating

Many people feel as if their counter space in their kitchen is limited and that they could use a bit more kitchen storage and seating.  This leaves many families contemplating a costly remodel, or feeling the constant chaos of a cramped space—which is precisely why you should consider adding a versatile island from Kitchen Islands With Seating to your home. Over 50% of households have Kitchen Islands in their home.  The primary focus of most kitchen islands is to create addition..


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Wed, 08 January 2014 19:42:13

My Lost Luggage Led Me To A Sweet Deal

Meanwhile in Las Vegas, I was standing in the airport at baggage claim waiting for my luggage to appear, when an overwhelming anxiety shocked through my body.  I realized that the airline lost my bag.  I ran over to the customer service desk repeating to myself, “THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!” When the representative asked me if I had any valuables in my bag I quickly shouted “YES! My Philosophy Pink Frosted Layer Cake Shampoo and Body Wash! I can’t live with..


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Wed, 08 January 2014 00:12:46

DatSyn upgraded its service spectrum in the New Year by offering Video PR to its clients

Representatives of the DatSyn development team stated today that after running a few weeks long trial in the old year the team has decided to implement the service and make it a permanent fixture of the DatSyn spectrum of services. “The success we experience with the new Video PRs is astounding” Explained a member of the team. “We of course are aware of the fact that the Data Syndication business having two major functions in the online business, namely Search Engine Optimizat..


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Sun, 05 January 2014 19:49:09

A Simply Way For Homeowners To Save On Their Annual Home Maintenance Costs

One of the many preventative maintenance tasks homeowners conduct each year is having their chimney swept. This is both a costly and dangerous job—which can be almost eliminated with a simple alternative. Homeowners who have a fireplace must invest in an annual inspection to ensure their fireplace does not have any cracks, blockages, pest infestation, or too much creosote buildup. While the annual inspection is a must have to ensure that your chimney is sound, it often leads to an additio..


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