Tue, 24 April 2018
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Sun, 15 June 2014 20:20:21

New Revenue Sharing Program Promises to Grow Business for Marinas

This revolutionary program promises offers marinas a steady stream of new income in exchange for support and promotion of the company’s dockside rental program to slip holders. SleepAfloat Management and Rentals, LLC. introduces a revolutionary new partnership program designed to generate income for marinas and their slip holders.  The SleepAfloat Marina Affiliate Program is an extension of the company’s dockside rental program and promises participating marinas royalties, incr..


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Sun, 15 June 2014 19:55:20

Aaron Kocourek Announces the Launch of Survival.Institute

Nashville, TN – Aaron Kocourek also owns and maintains the site Homesteadingandprepping.com, which has seen over 2 million visitors in just under 2 years. "I am launching the site survival.institute with the goal of becoming the leading provider of information on all things survival. The content will be focused around 'how-to guides' that provide simple actionable content that can be used by the most novice site visitor," says Aaron Kocourek. The television station National Geographi..


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Sun, 15 June 2014 19:50:00

The Guide to all your Marketing Needs - Powered by the People

Powered By The People was started in the year 2004 to help companies market their products and services and increase their sales in the United States. An affiliate network, the company aims to combine their years of experience in latest and pioneering technologies and marketing expertise to help companies maximize their sales. Not only does the company promote and help local businesses across the United States thrive, it is also launching new services to international companies to proliferate a..


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Sun, 15 June 2014 19:13:28

Quality Moving Leads Announces Commencement Of Operation Providing Leads to Moving Companies

‘Quality Moving Leads’ has started offering services to clients across the United States. The company acts as an online leads marketplace where movers and moving firms can connect together. Users can easily get the list of available moving companies in their area. Speaking on the occasion, a spokesperson from the ‘Quality Moving Leads’ said, “We are happy to announce the launch of our services. Our company is providing customers real time moving leads. We wish to h..


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